A Plane that Brings Love

A Plane that Brings Love

About the Book

Samer doesn't like war; it's ugly and hurts everyone. He wishes he could do something to stop war and make the world a safe and beautiful place. What does Samer decide to do?

In Arabic, the words for Love حب and War حرب are separated by just one letter ( ر the r). In "A Plane that Brings Love," created as part of this collection by Room to Read partner Jabal Amman Publishers, author Wafa T. Qusous and illustrator Kamil Adil tell the story of Samer, a young hero who witnesses war in his country and stitches together a plan for love from war to change the future.

Written and illustrated by Jordanian authors in partnership with Room to Read, this books speaks to the refugee experience, while teaching us all the importance of love in times of war. 

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About the Creators

Wafa T. Qusous

Wafa is a children's book author and theatre director. She holds a master's degree in fine arts/puppet theatre, from Connecticut College-U.S.A. Wafa has a vast experience in children's culture, and has served in different positions in this field.

Kamil Adil

Kamil Holds a degree in fine arts and works as a caricaturist and illustrator for children's magazines. This is his first book to illustrate for children.

Jabal Amman Publishers is a leader in the marketplace of publishing that aspires to revive a reading culture in the Arab world and advance education in the region, by producing creative Arabic content.

In partnership with Room to Read, Jabal Amman Publishers to produced seven high-quality Arabic children's book titles  to Jordanian and non-Jordanian children in public schools and refugee camps, as part of Room to Read's 20 book collection in Arabic.

Jabal Amman Publishers also believes in the power of digital content especially for young children, and has launched Kutubee ("my books"), an interactive reading platform serving as a hub for the best children content from different Arab publishers, allowing children, parents and schools to access more than 1000 interactive stories.