2022 Annual Report

What an amazing year 2022 has been. We started the year as the aftermath of COVID19 receded. Despite a few bottlenecks, we had a splendid year at Room to Read Bangladesh. This 2022 Annual Report attempts to bring to you those stories of transformation, consolidation and change.

2021 Annual Report

To recover learning loss, retain learners and refresh knowledge/skills of teachers, Room to Read Bangladesh explored alternative learning modalities during and after C19-induced school closures in 2021. We adopted new avenues to help children and teachers first through remote support to facilitate distance learning and – when schools opened later in 2021 – in a blended mode towards safeguarding children’s futures.

2020 Annual Report

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education with prolonged school closures - ultimately creating an apprehension that many of the children would drop out and never return to school. As an organization, we tried to mitigate the immediate impact, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to facilitate the continuity of education through remote learning. We collectively embraced the new normal and invested our energy and passion to address the challenges during the pandemic.

2019 Annual Report

2019 has been an exciting year in many aspects. Together, we have braved the highs and lows, and came out at the top of our game. Amidst the unfolding of more partnership opportunities and bigger funding committements coming our way, we equipped outposts in all tiers with skilled and committed people.

2018 Annual Report

Room to Read Bangladesh made conscientious efforts in 2018 and the year was remarkable in a number of ways. The organization delivered on long-term and short-term program commitments and strengthened ties with the Government and development partners. Together we secured encouraging results.