Dear Room to Read Family, 

Profound change often starts small: It can begin with a child sounding out an unfamiliar word, a girl voicing her desire to study for another year, or a family finding a new source of income that helps them keep their children in school as economic pressures mount.  

At Room to Read, we are fortunate to bear witness to the change that happens when young people everywhere learn to read and write, and to the transformation that results as girls build the confidence to choose their own futures. This year, we are highlighting our Girls’ Education Program through the launch of She Creates Change, a first-of-its-kind multimedia storytelling initiative that shows the change that is ignited when girls tap into their own power. Through the books and films associated with this project, we see ripples of knowledge turn into waves of change, resulting in girls leading more fulfilled lives, while also making their communities increasingly safe, healthy and financially stable. 

This is the change I experienced first-hand as my mother altered the course of her life through education and paved the way for her siblings and me to do the same. As CEO of Room to Read, I now have the immense good fortune of turning the ripples of change started by my mother into waves of opportunity for children around the world. 

I am proud to share that Room to Read benefited more than 6.5 million new children last year, bringing the total number of children Room to Read has supported in their learning journey to more than 39 million. I’m particularly pleased to share that we trained more than 277,000 teachers and librarians in 2022 – more than any previous year to date. We also received two prominent international awards and moved into two new geographies. In addition, for the 16th year, we earned Charity Navigator’s highest “exceptional” rating. 

None of this would be possible without our global network of supporters, who are changemakers in their own right – generously donating their time, talent and financial resources to ensure that children in historically low-income communities receive the education they deserve. Together, we are creating strong currents of learning so millions of children can reach their potential and shape their own futures.