AGE: 20
LOCATION: Sanepa, Nepal
University Student, Business

In 2001, Aradhana’s parents were facing a very difficult decision. Because of his illness, Aradhana’s father was unable to work, which left the burden of supporting the family on her mother. That meant, either both of their daughters could be placed in a substandard school or they could put one daughter in a better school and make the other drop out to work. Fortunately, they didn’t have to decide because Aradhana was accepted as one of the first participants in Nepal’s Girls’ Education program.

“Before we made any decisions,” Aradhana says, “I was accepted as a participant in the Girls’ Education program. If Room to Read hadn’t helped us during that period, I don’t think I would have managed to come this far.”

“I knew I wanted to be a banker after my first economics class,”

From her modest home in Nakhu Dobato, 20-year-old Aradhana can see the Nakhu River flowing. And just as the water determinedly makes its journey through central Nepal, Aradhana, equally determined, is now forging her own path away from a fate of poverty to her dream – of becoming CEO of a bank.

Back in 2001, when Aradhana was enrolled as a participant, the Girls’ Education program provided support only through 10th grade. “I knew I had to work extra hard if I was ever going to college,” she says. Her hard work paid off, and she earned a scholarship that allowed her to continue studying through 12th grade.

Aradhana was featured in the 2004
Girls' Education Yearbook

After she graduated, Aradhana’s high marks earned her a college scholarship. She credits her good grades to knowing what she wanted for her future. “I knew I wanted to be a banker after my first economics class,” she says. While most students walked out of the class bleary-eyed and anxious, Aradhana was impassioned and excited to learn more. With a clear goal set, she was able to concentrate on her studies and pass her higher secondary levels with flying colors. “When I knew what I wanted to do,” she says, “It was easier for me to give my best to what I was doing.”

Her outstanding performance in secondary school helped her to earn a scholarship for her undergraduate studies and admission to the college of her choice. She is currently in her second year of college pursuing a B.A. in business studies with a focus on economics and management. “The course has expanded my horizons,” says Adarhana. “I am confident that I am nearing my dream. This is only the beginning. I won’t cease to give my all until I have realized my dream.”


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