Introducing...Zak the Yak!

“Who is Zak?” you may cry
With ear-piercing clatter.

“And what is a yak?”
“And why do they matter?”

As for Zak, well this yak
He is one of a kind,
With a big friendly smile,
And a razor-sharp mind.
- Excerpt from Zak the Yak With Books on His Back

John Wood, Room to Read founder and Board Chair, proudly announces the publication of his first children’s book, Zak the Yak With Books on His Back.

In fun and rhythmic prose, Wood tells the story of sturdy, lovable Zak, a yak whose determination and strength help to bring thousands of books to a rural village in Nepal. With his two young Nepali sidekicks, Arul and Manju, Zak sets out on a quest to rally the support and generosity of others to help provide much-needed resources to a school high in the Himalayan Mountains.

Illustrated in vivid colors by award-winning Nepali artist Abin Shrestha, the book highlights the challenges faced by students in resource-deprived countries like Nepal.

The trio’s trek through Nepal introduces the reader to the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, from the isolated, steep mountains to the capital city, Kathmandu.  Through Zak’s marvelous journey, readers will learn not only to value their own education, but also the importance of taking action and becoming agents of change in their own lives. 

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at The Republic of Tea, who have underwritten the printing costs of the book, every dollar raised from the sale of Zak the Yak With Books on His Back supports Room to Read programs.  With support from kids, adults, and yaks around the world, Room to Read can help bring education to more children like Arul and Manju.

Be one of the first to own a copy of Zak the Yak with Books on His Back. Every dollar supports Room to Read.


To learn more about how The Republic of Tea has helped support Room to Read with its line of Little Citizens’ Herb Teas, please read the press announcement.



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"When you buy this book, it puts local language books into the hands of children in the developing world. For every book we sell, ten books are printed for students who access our Reading Rooms. It's truly a win-win."  
--John Wood

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