Targeting inequality where it starts

Although significant gains have been made in the past decade in enrolling more children in primary school, girls in the developing world are still dropping out at an alarming rate. Our program focuses on girls’ transition into and out of secondary school, since that’s where the biggest and most permanent gaps take place.

Our teams regularly interact with government officials and school administrators to promote more girl-friendly learning environments. This might include advocating for separate restrooms for female students, training teachers to be more inclusive or addressing safety issues.

Community engagement

For some families, the cost of a school uniform or safe transportation is prohibitive to sending their daughters to school. We provide material support in the form of a new bike, clean uniforms, or a room in a boarding house closer to school so that parents don’t have to make the choice between putting food on the table and investing in education.

Mentoring and life skills

Many of the girls we work with are among the first in their families and communities to finish secondary school. To help them meet the challenges they’ll face along the way, we employ mentors, or social mobilizers as we call them—who act as role models, counselors and advocates for the girls. In addition to serving as excellent examples of educated, empowered women in the community, our social mobilizers provide emotional support and guidance to help the girls along their own individual journeys.

We also facilitate life skills camps and workshops that help each girl develop the skills she’ll need to succeed in school and after graduation, such as self-awareness and empathy, communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and coping with stress and emotions.

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“This is only the beginning. I won’t cease to give my all until I have realized my dream.”
Girl Graduate, Nepal

Enlisting Families

Parent involvement is critical for success, as parents often play a large role in shaping girls’ expectations for themselves, and in deciding how long their daughters will continue in school. We hold regular parent and community meetings so that parents, regardless of their own level of education, understand the importance of sending both their daughters and sons to school, and have a forum to discuss the challenges they are facing.

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