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Thank you for looking into how you can double your donation to Room to Read with matching funds from your employer! Many employees don't realize that their companies have this process in place, and these matching funds can have a huge impact on our mission: educating the children of the world!

It is important to realize that 99% of the time, the matching gift process must be initiated by the donor and not Room to Read. The following is a typical example of how the matching gift process takes place at most work places:

Typically, the donor initiates the matching gift process by completing a form that includes the date and amount of the gift. There are often restrictions on the type of donations that can be matched. In almost all cases, donations to Room to Read meet the criteria set forth regarding charitable donations. Room to Read is a non-profit organization registered with the federal government under IRS tax code 501(c)(3), and Room to Read does not engage in any religious or political activities. Depending on your company's policies, the form is then either returned to the HR department or mailed directly to Room to Read for verification. In both cases, the date and amount of the gift must be verified by Room to Read. Once Room to Read receives the matching gift form, we will complete it and promptly return it to your company. Once approved, Room to Read will receive the matching gift funds from the company.

This simple process has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of our programs. We truly appreciate the time it takes for you to initiate the process and heartily thank you on behalf of children throughout the developing world! Thank you for making a world of difference!

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