Site Visits

Our site visits offer the unique opportunity to experience our work firsthand and directly engage in our mission of providing the lifelong gift of education to millions of children throughout Asia and Africa. Site visits are hosted by our local staff and are designed for donors and independent travelers interested in seeing our work. Site visits are a half-day to a full-day in length and offer our guests an overview of the programs we are implementing in these regions. Site visits may include a visit to a Room to Read school, library, or a short visit with participants in our Girls' Education program.

The cost to join a site visit is $25 USD.  To register, please click on the date of the visit you would like to attend. If you are traveling with friends or family, please note that each participant needs to register independently.  

Registration forms will be accepted up to six weeks in advance of the site visit date. Space is limited and participation is based on a first come, first served basis. Six weeks prior to the site visit, registration will be closed and you will no longer be able to click through to the registration page for that visit. Registration for visits in Laos will close eight weeks prior to the site visit date. 

Please referred to our Frequent Questions-Site Visits as you consider joining one of our visits!

2014 Site Visit Calendar

Bangladesh    12-13 Mar 27-28 May 5-6 Nov
Cambodia - 8 May
29 May
12 Jun
26 Jun
- 12 Dec
India  -  18 Apr (Delhi)  23 Jul (Delhi)
7 Aug (Delhi)
26 August (Rajasthan)
4 Sept (Delhi)  
18 Nov (Rajasthan)
Laos 12 Mar   4 Apr 12 Nov
9 Dec 
Nepal 14 Mar   25 Jun 10 Jul 
17 Sept
21 Nov 
10 Dec 
South Africa - 8 May
29 May
8 Aug 21 Oct
Sri Lanka 7 Mar 17 Jun 5 Aug 5 Nov
Tanzania 12 May 26 Aug 27 Oct
Vietnam 22 Mar 19 Jul  12 Oct 
5 Dec
Zambia - 29 May 
24 Jun
14 Jul 
18 Sept
* Site Visit dates are subject to change.

Site Visits for Local Nationals

If you are a local national you may attend a site visit in your country for free. Please email to register at least six weeks in advance of the site visit date in order to allow our local staff to plan appropriately.

In order to qualify for local national status for a site visit, you must show proof of citizenship in the host-country. A copy of a local passport is sufficient and customary.

We truly hope that you can attend one of our site visits and experience our work. Because our local teams are extremely focused on providing educational opportunities to children in the developing world, we are unable to accommodate requests outside of these dates. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding and hope to see you in one of our program countries!

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