Students Helping Students - Frequent Questions

Can I go visit Room to Read’s work in Asia or Africa?
Absolutely! Each year we host a number of opportunities for our supporters to visit our work. Check out the current schedule on our group site visits page.

I’ve raised a bunch of awareness and money for Room to Read. Can I tell you where I would like it spent?
Yes, of course, you can tell us where you would like it spent! Our greatest need is always for general funding, but if you have a specific interest, please let us know at

Can we host a book drive to support your work? 
Unfortunately, we do not collect donated books. We find it is more effective and economical to publish and distribute our own books in country, that way we know our kids are getting culturally relevant stories in their mother tongue. The cost of getting one of our books in the hands of a child we work with is just $1 per book, much cheaper than shipping donated books overseas!
If you already have extra books on-hand, why not host a book swap fundraiser instead! Then you and your friends get a new book, while helping kids in Asia and Africa get new books, too!

Can we have a sister school?
That sounds like fun, but we’re just not set up to facilitate a relationship between schools. Sorry! There are so many great organizations that specialize in that one-to-one relationship building and we recommend that you find them and start writing some awesome pen pal letters!

Can someone come and present at my school? 
Thanks for the invite! Please email us at and tell us about your event. We can’t make any promises but we’ll see what we can do!

Can I volunteer in the schools in Asia and Africa? 
That sounds like a lot of fun, but these schools are locally-run, locally-built, and locally-managed schools. We have learned that by having communities co-own projects with us, it leads to longer term sustainability and better outcomes for the students!

How do you select the countries where you work? 
It’s a big, long process that can be condensed into this: 
  1. The country's government must request our services. 
  2. The country must show a need for our work supporting access to girls' education and literacy.
  3. The communities we work in must accept our “Challenge Grant". That is, they must be willing and able to help us in construction, investing in a project (materials, labor, land), and help us maintain the project over time.
Why should I help students in other countries when there is so much need in my own country?
In today's world, people around the globe are more closely connected than ever. We think a part of being a good global citizen is helping those who need it, both near and far away!

I have a question that’s not here. Help! 
No worries! Please email your question to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can! You can also look at other frequent questions related to Room to Read here.
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