Students Helping Students - Take Action

Hopefully by now you have spent some time learning about Students Helping Students. Now it's time to find out how to take the steps toward getting involved!

  1. Read through our Frequent Questions. We receive many similar questions from all sorts of people and have tried to answer the most popular questions.
  2. Form a student team at your school! Register Your Team and then explore potential Fundraising Ideas with your class, school or club. Try to raise awareness within your school or organization so that you can get more people interested. Then decide what type of project you want to do.
  3. Connect with the chapter in your area if there is one nearby. See if they have any fundraising ideas or would like to become involved in your project.You can read about our chapters here.
  4. Set a fundraising goal for your school or club. Your goal can be a few hundred dollars to contribute to a program or several thousand dollars.
  5. Appoint a Students Helping Students program leader or committee. This person / people will be the key contact person with Room to Read.
  6. When you raise funds, please collect all individual donations and issue one or two large checks to Room to Read. We have many schools participating and unfortunately do not have the resources to process hundreds of small checks.
  7. If you are raising money for a specific project, be sure to note it on the check(s) so that we can record it accordingly.
  8. Send us pictures and/or summaries of your activities, or post them on our student Facebook Page! If the idea is creative and new, we want everyone know about it.
  9. If you have comments or suggestions about the website or program, please feel free to email us at
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