Volunteer Opportunities

Our fantastic network of volunteers has helped us achieve incredible results! We have thousands of volunteers around the world who are self-directed, highly motivated, and passionate about promoting education in the developing world. We are always looking for energetic individuals who are interested in raising awareness and funds for Room to Read.

Volunteer a Room to Read Office

Volunteering or interning in the office at Room to Read is a great way to support our mission. Our volunteer positions allow you to significantly contribute to Room to Read, gain valuable skills, and get to know our amazing staff.

Development Volunteer, Global Business Development Team- San Francisco, USA

Introduce Room to Read to a foundation, corporation or publisher that might be interested in supporting our work

Do you have connections within a corporation or foundation that might be interested in funding our work? Can you introduce Room to Read to a publisher that would be interested in supporting us? Check out our partnership page to learn about the many types of support we are looking for.

Join a Chapter

Our chapters organize regular events and activities and rely on the support of volunteers to make the event successful. Learn more about our chapters on our Chapters page. If there is a chapter in your area fill out the Volunteer Form and then check out their chapter website to learn more.

Organize a Fundraising Campaign

Are you running a marathon and want to raise money for Room to Read? In lieu of gifts for your birthday or wedding, are you asking guests to make donations to Room to Read? Check out our My Campain page and start your own fundraising campaign!

Arrange a read-a-thon at your child's school or your Book Club to raise money for Room to Read.

Read-a-thons are an excellent way to involve your child's school. Read more about how to do a read-a-thon on our Students Helping Students page.

Personalized Fundraising

We challenge our communities to co-invest with us -- we hope you can do the same

Create your own fundraising campaign

Read our Blog

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