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Before sending us an email, please read some of the most common questions we receive:

Do you accept used book donations?

We appreciate your interest in donating used books to Room to Read. One of the main reasons our organization has been able to impact so many children's lives is because of the generous involvement and support from people like you. Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept used book donations. After reviewing our individual book donation program, we have found that it actually costs Room to Read more time and money to sort and ship the donated books, than shipping new books donated directly by children's book publishers or by buying new books within our partner countries.

Instead, Room to Read has formed a very successful relationship with an organization called Better World Books, which collects and resells used books to benefit our programs. They are well equipped to handle the logistics and make it incredibly easy for donors to send the books to them by paying for shipping! For more information, please visit their website at and mention that Room to Read sent you. You can also contact them directly by emailing

What does it mean to "Sponsor a Project" and how can I go about doing so?

Room to Read is committed to transparency and treating our donors as investors in our organization. As a result, we have developed an "Sponsor a Project" menu whereby donors either finance or raise funds for a particular project. Our projects include building new schools, establishing libraries, publishing local language children's books and funding education for girls. There are a variety of projects to choose from. Please visit the Sponsor a Project page for more information.

I just tried donating online and it didn't work. What is wrong?

Room to Read employs a 3rd party vendor to process our credit card donations. Because of this, certain fields must be populated in order for the transaction to be processed. If you are experiencing any problems while attempting to make a donation to Room to Read, please refer to the following tips below:

  • Make sure that the address and zip code that you have entered are typed in exactly as they appear on your credit card billing statement.
  • Every transaction must contain something in the Zip Code field, even international donations. If you truly have no postal code, simply enter "00000" in this field.
  • Sometimes large international donations are declined by a donor's credit card company. Speaking with your credit card company prior to making a large donation from outside the U.S. should resolve this problem.

If you are still having problems making a donation, please email with your phone number and the best time to reach you so that we may help you troubleshoot the problem via the phone.

We thank you for your patience with any troubles encountered while making a donation to Room to Read and greatly appreciate your support!


If you didn't find an answer to your question, please email us at

Thank you!


With your help, we can affect the lives of 10 million children by 2015.

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