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"Learning to Teach to Read", The Hill
-September 08, 2013
"Room to Read Partners with Asia Foundation", Publishers Weekly
-September 05, 2013
"Local Heroes", The Linguist
-August/September 2013
"Room to Read", M Magazine
-July 2013
"A Check and a Call That Sparked a Friendship", Crain's Chicago Business
-May 25, 2013
"A Non-Profit Group Gives Millions of Needy Children 'Room to Read'", Voice of America, "As It Is"
-May 22, 2013
"Group with No Ad Budget and an Unfulfilled Gift Meets Goal 5 Years Early", The Chronicle of Philanthropy
-May 19, 2013
"A Bookish Way of Life", The Financial Express
-May 19, 2013
"Going to School, Instead of Work", CNN
-May 16, 2013
"Educating the World", TheEdge
-May 13, 2013
"Room to Read: Self Help is the Model John Wood Uses", August Man
-May 13, 2013
"Room to Read", PBS, "Religion & Ethics Newsweekly"
-May 3, 2013
"Giving Up the High-life for a Fulfilling and Meaningful One", CLEO
-April 2013
"Room to Read Founder, John Wood", PBS, "Tavis Smiley"
-April 29, 2013
"Using Books to Build a Ladder Out of Poverty", International Herald Tribune/The New York Times
-April 29, 2013
"Seeking to Achieve Global Literacy", Bloomberg TV, "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox"
-April 24, 2013
"Lean On (Each Other)", Huffington Post
-April 24, 2013
"Interview with John Wood: Providing education for all, an 'attainable solution'", MIPBlog
-April 8, 2013
"Former Microsoft Executive Finds Joy Boosting Literacy Instead of Profits", The Vancouver Sun
-April 5, 2013
"Room to Read: Spreading Literacy Around the Globe",, "The Startup"
-April 3, 2013
"Creating Room to Read: John Wood", ABC Radio National, "Life Matters"
-April 3, 2013
"Room to Read: Educating Third World Youths", Bloomberg TV, "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox"
-March 27, 2013
"Room to Spend More on Books", Australian Financial Review
-March 25, 2013
"Make Room for Reading", The Straits Times
-March 23, 2013
"Room to Read, Rooms for Change", The Epoch Times
-March 22, 2013
"Libraries for the Poor Make Room to Read Founder Feel Rich", The Straits Times
-March 22, 2013
"John Wood Gives Millions Room to Read", 702 ABC Sydney
-March 18, 2013
"John Wood Talks About Charity Room to Read", South China Morning Post
-March 18, 2013
"Not All Women Have Access to Education", Cosmopolitan Singapore
-March 18, 2013
"Unlocking Possibilities", Million Moms Challenge
-March 13, 2013
"Whose Responsibility Is Girls' Education?", Huffington Post
-March 12, 2013
"The Most Influential Children’s Publisher You’ve Never Heard Of", Publishing Perspectives
-March 11, 2013
"Teaching the World to Read One Woman at a Time", ABC, "Katie"
-March 7, 2013
"In the Developing World, Books Are Not Dead", Huffington Post
-March 6, 2013
"The Interview: John Wood", NBC Bay Area, "The Interview with Raj Matthai"
-March 4, 2013
"Building Libraries", CBC, Metro Morning
-February 27, 2013
"Fighting for Global Literacy", CTV News, Canada AM
-February 27, 2013
"Why Room to Read is the Best Kind of Foreign Policy", National Post
-February 23, 2013
"Big Change is Possible", The Vancouver Sun
-February 23, 2013
"John Wood-Room to Read", The Tavis Smiley Show
-February 21, 2013
"Meet John Wood, the World’s Biggest Literacy Hero", Take Part
-February 21, 2013
"A Game Aims to Draw Attention to Women’s Issues", The New York Times
-February 18, 2013
"A Bookworm’s Quest to Spread the Word", The Financial Times
-February 17, 2013
"Creating Room to Read: Doing a World of Good" , Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-February 17, 2013
"Getting Our Act Together on Early Childhood Education", MSNBC, "The Cycle"
-February 13, 2013
"Spreading Literacy Around the World", WNYC-AM, "The Leonard Lopate Show"
-February 12, 2013
"Room to Read Building Libraries All Over the World", The Washington Post
-February 12, 2013
"John Wood's 6 favorite books", The Week
-February 10, 2013
"How Room to Read is Bringing Literacy to Poor Children of the World ", The Globe and Mail
-February 8, 2013
"Creating Room to Read", KERA Radio "Think"
-February 6, 2013
"The Top 100 NGOs 2013", The Global Journal
-January/February 2013
"The Secret Sauce of Giving Girls Room to Read", Million Moms Challenge
-January 18, 2013
"Founder of International Nonprofit Focused on Literacy to Speak in Midland", Midland Reporter-Telegram
-January 15, 2013
"Champion for Global Literacy", TODAY
-December 29, 2012
"Bookends", The Straits Times
-December 9, 2012
"An International Group Finds Donors Respond to Frequent Appeals", The Chronicle of Philanthropy
-December 6, 2012
"This Giving Tuesday, Give the Gift of Trust", Huffington Post
-November 27, 2012
"John Wood, Founder and Board Co-Chair, Room to Read", Daily Edventures
-November 19, 2012
"Room to Read Announces Launch of New York Development Board"
-November 12, 2012
"The Malalas of the World Need Us to Step Up", Huffington Post
-November 7, 2012
"Room To Read Turns Silicon Valley Riches Into Global Libraries, Schools",
-November 5, 2012
"Giving Girls a Voice", Huffington Post
-November 2, 2012
"Unlocking the Potential of Gender Parity", World Economic Forum
-October 25, 2012
"'Get Sh*t Done' for Rural Women Entrepreneurs", Forbes
-October 15, 2012
"Trinity's Younger Students Walk to End Illiteracy", Midland Reporter-Telegram
-October 15, 2012
"How To Tackle Super-Sized Challenges in Social Ventures", Forbes
-October 3, 2012
"EVENT: Documentary Film Screening Half the Sky with Room to Read", Lifestyle + Charity
-October 1, 2012
"Women Making a Difference", Newsweek
-October 1, 2012
"Gabrielle Reaches for the Sky", Ladies Home Journal
-October 2012
"Gabrielle Union Examines Abuse in Vietnam", CNN
-September 29, 2012
"Women in the World: Erin Ganju", The Responsibility Project
-September 26, 2012
"Virat Kohli Appeals Fans to 'Hit Illiteracy for a Six'" , ICC World Twenty20
-September 19, 2012
"Literacy is the Keystone in the Arch of an Education", The Hill
-September 7, 2012
"Running Up the Jungfrau for Charity", World Radio Switzerland
-September 5, 2012
"A Passion for Breaking the Poverty Cycle", The Globe and Mail
-July 31, 2012
"Readers Send This Girl and Thousands More to School", The New York Times
-July 12, 2012
"Changing the World One Wedding at a Time", Destination I Do
-July 12, 2012
"Newsmaker: John Wood on Literacy Initiatives for World's Children", CTV News
-July 11, 2012
"The League of Extraordinary Women: Erin Ganju", Fast Company
-June 20, 2012
"Education Equals Empowerment", Huffington Post
-June 8, 2012
"John Wood", Lifestyle + Charity
-Summer 2012
"10 Winners At The Social Innovation Summit", Forbes
-June 4, 2012
"Room to Read's Spring Benefit", Lifestyle + Charity
-May 17, 2012
"A Mother's Day Tribute: The Role of Women and Parenting in Girls' Education Around the World", Huffington Post
-May 9, 2012
"John Wood, Founder of Room to Read: Changing the World, One Word At A Time", Asian Scientist
-April 2, 2012
"I Have Retained My Personality, says Kohli"
, The Hindu
-March 24, 2012
"Women in the World Summit: Fearless Women Taking On the World"
, The Daily Beast
-March 12, 2012
"A Weekend of Fearless Women: Tina Brown on Women in the World Summit"
, The Daily Beast
-March 12, 2012
"Women in the World Summit gathers heavy hitters like Angelina Jolie, Chelsea Clinton to honor activists", Daily News
-March 11, 2012
"Suma Tharu Brings Down the House"
, The Daily Beast
-March 10, 2012
"International Women's Day: Advancing The Next Generation Of Gals", Huffington Post
-March 8, 2012
"International Women's Day: 5 Ways To Empower Women And Girls Worldwide", Huffington Post
-March 8, 2012
"Talent: Room to Read", Korn/Ferry Institute's Briefings Magazine
-February, 2012
"Charity of the Week", The Week
-February 24, 2012
"30 Second MBA: Erin Ganju", Fast Company
-February, 2012
"From High-Flying Executive to Children's Literacy Advocate", ABC Sydney
-February 2, 2012
"Top 100 Best NGO's in the World", The Global Journal
-January 23, 2012
Impact 30, Forbes
-December, 2011
"Nonprofit Profile: Erin Ganju of Room to Read", San Francisco Business Times
-November 11, 2011
"Girls Just Want to Go to School", The New York Times
-November 10, 2011
"His Libraries, 12,000 So Far, Change Lives", The New York Times
-November 6, 2011
"Global Community Development by Erin Ganju", Chicago Ideas Week
-October 15, 2011
"Oprah Celebrates People Who Found their Passions", Oprah's Lifeclass
-September 9, 2011
"Reflections on Literacy", The Huffington Post
-September 9, 2011
"Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship",
-June 23, 2011
"Equal Access to Education=Empowered Workforce",
-March 8, 2011
"Scaling Social Good by Erin Ganju", TEDxBerkeley
-February 19, 2011
"Charlie Rose Interviews John Wood", Charlie Rose
-December 9, 2010
"The 25 Best Givers", Barron's
-December 6, 2010
"Seasonal Appeal Boosts Educational Charity", Financial Times
-November 8, 2010
"Tips for Success from Room to Read",
-November 5, 2010
"The Power of Investing in Global Literacy",
-November 4, 2010
"Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover", The Huffington Post
-October 19, 2010
"Room to Read Bring Loves of Books to Children in India",
-October 9, 2010
"John Wood on Educating the World",
-September 27, 2010
"Memo to Billionaires: We're Ready For You",
-September 27, 2010
"Nepal Opens New Chapter in Publishing",The Guardian
-September 13, 2010
"Celebrate International Literacy Day",
-September 8, 2010
"Once a High-Tech Exec, He Now Shares His Passion for Reading in Asia and Africa,The Christian Science Monitor
-September 7, 2010
"How Technology Can Help Spread Literacy",
-July 14, 2010
"Changing Children's Lives, One Book at a Time", CBS Evening News
-July 9, 2010
"Room to Read Opening World of Books to South Asian Children",
- April 14, 2010
"Room to Read Sends Books Worldwide", San Francisco Chronicle
- April 1, 2010
"Even in Distant Lands, the Welcomes Are Warm", The New York Times
- March 29, 2010
"BBC Outlook", BBC World Service
-March 25, 2010
"This Woman's Work", Vogue Australia
-February 1, 2010
"US Pledge Boosts FT’s Literacy Appeal", Financial Times
-December 29, 2009
"Schools are a Luxury Not a Right in Nepal", Financial Times
-December 24, 2009
"What Inspired the Founder of Room to Read", Financial Times
-December 23, 2009
"Travel Literature That May Inspire the Philanthropist in You", Los Angeles Times
- December 20, 2009
"Room to Read Builds Libraries in Sri Lanka", Financial Times
-December 18, 2009
"Drawing Out Talent to Create Children's Books", Financial Times
-December 15, 2009
"Room to Read Results in Sri Lanka", Financial Times
-December 11, 2009
"Helping Children Get the Habit", Financial Times
-December 8, 2009
"Room to Read Helps Educate Laotian Women", Financial Times
-December 5, 2009
"Villagers Dig Deep to Fill Education Gap", Financial Times
-December 1, 2009
"The 25 Best Philanthropists", Barron's
-November 30, 2009
"Servant to Schoolgirl", Financial Times
-November 28, 2009
"All Sitting Comfortably?", Financial Times
-November 23, 2009
"Call it Twine? Twitter Makes Wine for Charity", Associated Press
-October 15, 2009
"Twitter Pops Cork on New Venture", NBC Bay Area
-October 15, 2009 
"Twitter Tries Charity with Room to Read", USA Today
-October 15, 2009
"Twitter Backs Wine Sales to Help Kids Read" , San Francisco Chronicle
-October 15, 2009
"Twitter Would Like Some Wine With Its Cheese", The Washington Post
-October 15, 2009
"Twitter to Squeeze the Wine Business for Charity", CNET
-October 15, 2009
"Supplying Books and Hope", KCBS
- October 4, 2009
"Combating Poverty through the Power of Education", INSEAD
- September 8, 2009
"2009 World's Most Influential People (Dambisa Moyo)", TIME Magazine
- April 30, 2009
"Andrew Carnegie, version 2.0", Fortune Postcards Blog
- April 9, 2009
"Schools for the World", Parade
- April 5, 2009
"Former Microsoft Exec Grows Global Literacy Effort",
- February 6, 2009
"This Week: The Best and the Worst Behavior", Fortune
- January 30, 2009
"You Say You Want a Revolution?", GOOD Magazine
- January 26, 2009
"Change Your Life: Devote Yourself to a Cause", Men's Journal
- January 12, 2009
"Room to Read's John Wood: Bringing the Power of Education to Children Around the World", Knowledge @ Wharton
- December 23, 2008
"Room to Read Makes Top 5 on CNET's Crave List", CNET Crave
- December 19, 2008
"A New Chapter", Gulf News
- December 4, 2008
"Exec Finds Room to Grow in NGO", Tokyo Times
- November 10, 2008
"Ex-Microsoft Marketing Executive Now Gives Children Room to Read",
- November 5, 2008
"South Africa: A Story of Books, Opportunity and the Room to Read",
- November 4, 2008
"The Starbucks of Libraries", Here and Now on WBUR
- August 18, 2008
"Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: Q&A With John Wood, Founder and CEO Of Room To Read",
- August 13, 2008
"What Works: Books to Grow On, How Room to Read Created More Than 5,000 Libraries in Less Than Eight Years", Stanford Social Innovation Review
- July 1, 2008
"Best Rare Books: An International Hiking Trip Turns Into an Act of Good Will", Reader's Digest
- April 7, 2008
"John Wood Chronicles his 'Turning Point' in Newsweek",
- April 7, 2008
"High-flying Individuals on a Different Path", Financial Times
- March 15, 2008
"Giving Back in the Second Half of Life", Experience Talks on KPFK/Pacifica Radio
- March 4, 2008
"Vacation Leads Exec to Life-changing Vocation",
- February 18, 2008
"Eight Hot Spots for Volunteer Travel",
- February 7, 2008
"Leaving Microsoft - CNN's Asieh Namdar Speaks With Author John Wood About Leaving His Career and Tackling the World's Literacy Problem", CNN
- January 23, 2008
"Room to Read: Building Libraries, Schools and Computer Labs in Developing Countries", Edutopia Magazine
- January 11, 2008
"Former Microsoft Exec gives Kids Room to Read", KING-5 NBC Seattle
- November 29, 2007
"Bringing Books to Nepal", Sound Focus on KUOW
- November 28, 2007
"Ex-techie's Nonprofit Room to Read has Room to Grow", CNET
- October 11, 2007
"Room to Read: Bringing Books to the World",
- September 25, 2007
"Room to Read Targets Local Corporate Donors to Scale Up", The Mint / Wall Street Journal
- September 14, 2007
"Charity Inc: Ex-executive wants giving 'corporations'", Reuters
- September 7, 2007
"Weekend Beat: Ex-Microsoft Exec Happier Helping Kids",
- June 16, 2007
"Nepal: A Girls Life, Making Room to Read", FRONTLINE/WORLD Rough Cut
- June 7, 2007
"Where Tech Meets Philanthropy", Wall Street Journal
- February 23, 2007
Breakfast with FT: John Wood; Financial Times
- February 23, 2007
"Room to Read expands schools in Asia, Africa", San Francisco Business Times
- February 16, 2007
"UCI Grad Fights Illiteracy in Asia", OC Register
- February 6, 2007
"New Wealth, New Priorities",
- October 4, 2006
"John Wood Talks About How Thinking Big Helped Him Make Room to Read a Major Asian Non-Profit", Business Week
- September 13, 2006
"His Bottom Line: Educating the World's Kids", Washington Post
- September 9, 2006
"Chance Led Author to Help Kids", USA Today
- August 26, 2006
"Read All About It", New York Times Magazine
- July 23, 2006
"Wood's Eye for Detail Proves Charitable", International
- June 6, 2006
"Giving It All Away" , Newsweek International Edition
- May 15, 2006
"Bringing Reading - And Writing - to Asian Villagers", International Herald Tribune
- November 28, 2005
"Making a Difference - TIME's 2004 Asian Heroes - One Year On", TIME - Asia Edition
- September 26, 2005
"Universal Literacy", Delta Airlines' Sky Magazine
- August 1, 2005
"Turning Point", Town & Country Magazine
- July 1, 2005
"For Tsunami Effort, MD Youth Conceives Wearable Awareness", Washington Post
- January 8, 2005
"Good Samaritans", Wall Street Journal
- January 7, 2005
"Former Tech Exec Gives Third World 'Room to Read'", San Francisco Business Times
- December 27, 2004
"Asia Hero Award", Time Magazine, Asia
- October 4, 2004
"Like Andrew Carnegie Before Him, Former Microsoft Executive John Wood is Building Libraries", San Francisco Chronicle
- September 26, 2004
"Set for Life: Giving Wisely", The Asian Wall Street Journal
- September 17, 2004
"Room to Read Wins Fast Company Social Capitalist Award", Fast Company
- December 22, 2003
"Forbes Feature on Room to Read",
- November 24, 2003
"In Search of Karmic Returns", Far Eastern Economic Review
- November 6, 2003
"After Dot-coms Come Good Deeds", International Herald Tribune
- March 18, 2003
"John Wood Turns the Page", Fast Company
- November 1, 2002
"Ex-Microsoft Executive Chips Away at Illiteracy", Chicago Tribune
- September 9, 2002



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