• Scaling Our Impact

    Global Strategic Plan 2015-2019

    By the end of 2015 Room to Read will have benefited more than 10 million children around the world through our programs in literacy and girls' education. As part of Room to Read's commitment to providing high-quality educational opportunities to children in the most effective ways possible, every five years we reflect on our work and consider how we are doing as an organization. We assess the direction and goals we have set for ourselves and recommit or adjust as needed.

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  • Destination Literacy

    Some global problems seem insurmountable. Hunger. Disease. Inequality. Poverty. But we know there is one tool that can help fix them all: education. Early marriage, illiteracy, school dropout, low wages—these are the futures that statistics would predict for the children in the countries where we work. With the proper educational resources and guidance, however, a child can reshape his or her destiny. We’ve seen it happen—thousands of times.

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  • Annual Reports

    2013 - Working Smart: We want to be able to show our investors how we maximize the impact of every dollar by continually improving both efficiency and quality in everything we do, and how we develop invaluable resources and insights through our ingenuity and willingness to take risks.

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    Past Reports:

  • Global Monitoring Reports

    Our annual Global Monitoring Report helps us chart progress toward our goal of improving educational quality and opportunity for 10 million children by 2015. As of the end of 2013, more than 8.8 million children have benefited from our programs. This report focuses on key 2013 program activities and outcomes across the 10 countries where we work and indicates trends and areas of emphasis as we continue to improve our programs.

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    Past Reports:

  • Literacy Chronicles

    We live in a world of written words. They are everywhere—from books to bus stops to ballot forms—but only accessible to those on the planet with the ability to read and write. Learn more about our work promoting literacy through the eyes of the students, communities and educators who know it best in the pages of our Literacy Chronicles.

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  • Girls' Education Yearbooks

    Nine girls from Asia and Africa share their stories about their dreams for their future now that a world of possibilities has been unlocked through education.

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    Past Yearbooks:

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Documentary filmmakers travel to Room to Read projects across Asia and Africa to tell the stories of children who are benefitting from our programs.

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