How can I volunteer for Room to Read?

Our volunteers contribute to Room to Read's success by organizing fundraising events, spreading the word about Room to Read, and connecting us to individuals, corporations, foundations, and schools who might be interested in partnering with us to provide education to children in the developing world.

If you are interested in volunteering at Room to Read, please visit our volunteer opportunities page.

As a volunteer, what kind of work would I do?

Throughout the world, volunteers for Room to Read help raise funds and spread the word about the incredible work we are doing. Our volunteers work both on their own and in partnership with other volunteers.

Do you need volunteers who help out with administrative tasks in your offices?

Yes! Help Room to Read keep costs low by helping to stuff envelopes, enter data, and any number of other administrative tasks. If you are interested in volunteering in our headquarters office, please visit our In-Office Volunteer Opportunities webpage to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available and how to apply..

What is a chapter?

Room to Read chapters are comprised of groups of individuals who have made a long-term volunteer commitment to promoting Room to Read within their networks and communities. On average each of our chapters chooses to organize 3-6 fundraising events per year in their area. Additionally, chapter members use their connections and influence to help spread the word about Room to Read to individuals, corporations, foundations, and schools who might be interested in partnering with us to provide education to children in the developing world.

How much time commitment is needed to be a chapter leader or a chapter member?

Our chapter leaders and chapter members have made long-term commitments to Room to Read. Typically, our chapter leaders dedicate 3-4 hours per week to Room to Read, and before a large event, they can be working up to 15 hours per week. Our chapter members spend an average of 1-2 hours per week promoting Room to Read, but before major fundraisers, they also can be investing up to 10 hours a week towards the success of the event.

Can I host a fundraising event?

Absolutely! Many friends of Room to Read choose to host fundraisers, such as cocktail parties, read-a-thons, and dinner parties to benefit our programs. These fundraisers are an integral part of our success. In addition to helping to fund our programs, they also offer an excellent opportunity to share the story of Room to Read with new potential supporters.

Can I volunteer or teach in a country in which you work?

Room to Read does not offer overseas volunteer opportunities. Our model is one of empowering the local people to work to create change in their communities. For instance, we ask the village residents to help build the schools, we rely on teachers who grew up in the countries where we work, and we hire local staff to implement our work in a given country.

We do have over 40 volunteer groups, or Chapters, that fundraise around the world in cities such as Hong Kong, London and Singapore. If you are interested in fundraising for Room to Read and you do not live in the United States, please complete our Volunteer Form.


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