Room to Read is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and takes great pride in our financial efficiency, our accountability to donors, and our transparency. We work to use every dollar contributed as efficiently and effectively as possible. In fact, Room to Read has been recognized for its exceptional fiscal responsibility and financial health, and has been awarded the Charity Navigator 4-star rating for eight years in a row—a recognition that less than 1 percent of their rated charities can claim.

Our pledge to our donors is to continue to keep our overhead well below the industry average, to maximize the percentage of your contributions that go towards our programs, and to spend our program dollars wisely so that millions of children may benefit from our work.

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Annual Report


Highlights from our 2013 financials

  • US$41.6 million in cash donations —a 3% increase over the prior’s years total of US$40.2 million
  • US$6.3 million in donations in-kind —primarily children’s book donated by publishers, a 128% increase over the prior year’s total of US$2.8 million
  • US$14.8 million raised outside the US through foreign fundraising sources 
  • Programmatic spending constituted 83 percent of our total expenses, meaning that 83 cents out of every dollar goes directly towards programs

Read more about our work in our 2013 Annual Report.

Downloadable Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report (Adobe PDF 2.7MB)
2012 Annual Report (Adobe PDF 2.5MB)
2011 Annual Report (Adobe PDF 2.9MB)
2010 Annual Report (Adobe PDF 4.9MB)
2009 Annual Report (Adobe PDF 3.9MB)
2008 Annual Report (Adobe PDF, 3.4MB)
2007 Annual Report (Adobe PDF, 1.2MB)
2006 Annual Report (Adobe PDF, 1.3MB)

Audited Financials

2013 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 189kb)
2012 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 712kb)
2011 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 550kb)
2010 Audited Financials
(Adobe PDF, 230kb)
2009 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 105kb)
2008 Audited Financials
 (Adobe PDF, 87kb)
2007 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 87kb)
2006 Audited Financials (Adobe PDF, 112kb)

990 Forms

2013 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 1MB)
2012 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 1MB)
2011 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 1MB)
2010 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 380KB)
2009 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 660KB)
2008 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 2.7MB)
2007 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 2MB)
2006 Form 990 (Adobe PDF, 2.3MB)


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With your help, we can affect the lives of 10 million children by 2015.

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Schools Constructed 1,930
Libraries Established


Books Published 1,158
Books Distributed 15,641,734
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Children Benefited 9.7 million

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2013 Annual Report

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