Celebrate International Literacy Day

Did you know that 796 million people in the world today cannot read or write? That’s one out of every five adults, and most of them live in developing countries.

In honor of International Literacy Day, let’s do something about it to ensure that all children learn how to read. With literacy skills, when these children grow up, they not only will have a love of reading but will have a better chance of gaining employment, keeping healthy and passing on their education to their future children.

Take action now! Here's how you can help...

  1. 1. Invest in literacy

    Thanks to our partner, Better World Books, all donations to Room to Read’s library programs in September will be matched (up to $40,000). Please consider making a donation.

  2. 2. Educate yourself

    Learn more about the issue of literacy and our work through this interactive video (produced in partnership with Credit Suisse’s Global Education Initiative).

  3. 3. Spread the word

    Help us amplify the message by sharing this page with your Facebook friends. Tell them why literacy is important to you and encourage their involvement.

  4. 4. Start a campaign

    Get creative by hosting an event, running a marathon or doing anything else your heart desires. Raise money for our literacy programs by starting your own personalized fundraising campaign.

For every tweet of this message Random House will donate $1 to our literacy programs in Asia and Africa.
(up to $30,000)