Fundraiser Toolkit

Getting Started

  1. Design your campaign

    Choose a program you want to fundraise for and a fundraising goal. What's an ambitious but realistic goal? How many people will you be asking for support? How many do you think will reply? How much do you think they will give?

  2. Set a timeline and fundraising strategy

    When will you launch your campaign? How often will you send reminders and progress updates to your friends and family? What are some creative ways to encourage your personal and business contacts to get involved and help you reach your goal? Printing out a blank calendar and using sticky notes to plan your campaign timeline makes things easy.

    Will your campaign include an event? Get some ideas here »
  3. Use our materials

    No need to reinvent the wheel — we have some handy resources to help you promote your campaign and spread the word:

    *Nobody loves a form letter. Use these samples as a starting point to customize a message that's your own, expresses your personality and tells your supporters that they are worth your time and energy.
  4. Personalize your campaign web page

    Your campaign web page is your online fundraising headquarters. It has tools to connect to your friends, family and coworkers, link your campaign to Facebook and Twitter, and manage all your fundraising efforts.

    What inspired you to start your campaign? Customize your fundraising page to let your supporters know why this project is important to you —and why it should be important to them.

    Download our campaign web page quickstart guide »

Get Supporters

  1. Incentivize giving

    There are a million ways to do this, but here are some of our best practices:
    • Make a donation yourself

      Ever notice that tip jars are never empty? Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to get others to support you is make the first gift yourself. People are more-likely to give if there's already some money in the kettle.
    • Create a direct relationship to your goal

      Running a race? Climbing a mountain? Growing a wicked-long moustache? Challenge your supporters to give per mile, meter, or inch.
    • Let your supporters know where their money goes

      • $1 puts a new book in the hands of a child
      • $25 fills a library shelf with books
      • $50 buys a bicycle for a girl to get to school
      • $100 buys school uniforms for 16 girls
      • $250 pays for a year of girls' education
      • $5,000 establishes a library
    • Double your gifts through company matching

      Lots of companies support employee philanthropy. Your gift and the gifts of your supporters might be matched by the places you work.
  2. Leverage your networks and maximize contacts

    Add a link to your fundraising page to your email signature, mention it on your social networks, put a sign up on the water cooler at work, make an “Ask me about Room to Read” t-shirt…the options are endless.
  3. Recruit other fundraisers

    If your family and friends show an interest, encourage them to get involved in your campaign. The more the merrier!
  4. Send regular reminders and updates

    Don’t forget to include updates about how close you are to your goal. Keep your supporters updated on the progress you’re making.

Thank! Thank! Thank!

Share your success

After your campaign has closed, Send a follow-up email to your supporters with an update on the success of your online fundraiser.   You wouldn't have made it to your goal without them, so make sure they get the appreciation they deserve!

Get started

Set up your own fundraising campaign with great tools to make reaching your goal easy and help us bring the lifelong gift of education to children across the developing world

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