Help us publish a new book for the children of South Africa

Did you know that 776 million people in the world can't celebrate September 8, International Literacy Day – because they can’t read or write? Room to Read wants to give every child reason to celebrate today and every day – and here’s how you can help:

Throughout the month of September, up to $25,000 in donations will be matched by the Aall Foundation, and the money raised will help Room to Read publish a wonderful new book for the children of South Africa.

What your investment will create

Room to Read’s Local Language Publishing team in South Africa is hard at work on a new book entitled “Unjani?” ("How are You?").  The book is written by Hillary Atkinson (originally in English and translated into Xhosa) and illustrated by select participants of an illustrators’ workshop in Cape Town sponsored by Room to Read and Learn to Earn, a skills training organization in economically challenged areas of South Africa. 

"Unjani?" is aimed at emerging readers and teaches simple words which describe the different emotions expressed in pictures of children’s faces.

How you can help

”Unjani?” is almost complete but we need your help to print it and put it in the hands of children!  Each dollar donated, up to $25,000, will be matched by the Aall Foundation.  The total amount raised will fund the printing of 10,000 copies of the book, which will then find homes on the shelves of Room to Read libraries and inspire the imaginations of thousands of eager readers in South Africa.

The math is simple

$25 gift + $25 match = 10 copies of “Unjani”
$100 gift + $100 match = 40 copies of “Unjani”
$250 gift + $250 match = 100 copies of “Unjani”
$1000 gift + $1000 match = 400 copies of “Unjani” and MANY happy children

Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word throughout September via social media channels .  “Unjani?” will be dedicated to you, our online followers and supporters, and we look forward to showing you what you produced and how it is benefiting the children of South Africa.

Put 10,000 copies of "Unjani?" into the hands of children in South Africa.

Help us publish a new
children's book in South Africa